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1 the purveyor of pleasure

Amy Johnson and her team are on a mission to prove that pleasure and wellness go hand-in-hand and are redefining the world of sex with a shop that is owned, operated, designed and curated by women.

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2 the openhearted

Jaime Eisen is a twenty-something professional at a small design firm in Toronto. She holds a Master’s degree, and she’s incredibly close with her family. Jaime is not the slightest bit ashamed to talk openly about sex, pleasure, mental health, the politics of sex work, or almost any subject wrought with stigma.

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3 the innovator

Charlene Freedom is author to the kind of success story that deserves a memoir. After overcoming a difficult journey through illness, chronic pain, opiate addiction, and finally, recovery, Charlene turned her own life lessons into an innovative career aimed at helping others heal.

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